The Conveyancing Club Plus

Is the right place for you if:

  • You love what you do and wish you had more support?

  • You wish you had somewhere you could ask questions, even the silly ones just to be doubly sure?

  • You want to keep learning and looking for monthly training delivered straight to you?

  • You want to talk to like minded conveyancers in a safe community?

  • You want to hear from industry experts?

  • You want to be part of something bigger?

  • You want priority booking on courses and events?

  • You want 2 exclusive 1-1 sessions every month to work through anything at all.

You get all of this and more...

Rather than phone a friend you get a group of fellow conveyancers on hand to help you out in a private and safe group. Ask away ...

What's included?

  • 2 exclusive 1-1 sessions every month to work through anything at all - from qualification support to personalised training

  • Monthly training on various topics to support your learning and development

  • Guest Experts sharing their knowledge and experiences

  • A private Facebook community to tap into support, inspiration and get those questions answered. Practical guidance to gain experience and confidence dealing with conveyancing

  • The opportunity to network and find new friends

  • Zoe will be popping into the group for Q&A sessions

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How do I join?

  • Click any of the links throughout this site to join the group today.

  • Your annual membership will start from the date that you sign up

  • An email will arrive with your joining details and access to the Private Facebook Group

  • You'll receive details of all the training and live sessions booked for the month ahead

Who is The Conveyancing Club suitable for?

  • Paralegals

  • Lawyers

  • Trainees

  • CILEx Lawyers

  • Solicitors

  • Support staff

Social proof: testimonials

All Of The Results. None Of The Stress


“Even after 12 years of doing this job, there were things Zoe showed me that I just did not know.” Rebecca - Member of The Conveyancing Club I'm in the process of changing firms so I wanted to have that backup for any help and support. Just how the conveyancing world is, you've got a lot of people sort of slinging mud at each other on platforms like LinkedIn, and that’s just not what Zoe or The Conveyancing Club community is about. I like there are all different levels of experience in there and no one puts anyone down, no matter their experience level. It’s so nice to see that people aren't scared to ask these questions either. I found a lot of the time people are scared to ask what might be a simple question because they're scared of the backlash. But here, you don't get that at all. It's all very much our community. Everyone helps each other out. And you can always post anonymously as well, which I think helps if you’re really scared to ask the question.

I’ve found that she was really knowledgeable and always thought outside the box a little bit

Sonia - Member of the The Conveyancing Club

"She goes into the finer details others would always avoid.” “I'm on the verge of getting my licence. I've passed my level 6 exams and become a licensed conveyancer, so I wanted to bolster my knowledge and just try to become a really good conveyancer. I've put into practice the things in my daily work and I've noticed that I've become a better title checker, my leasehold work has really improved, and my new build knowledge has really improved. There were things that I didn't really understand before joining and now if I come across certain things it doesn't faze me at all. Zoe wants you to look at things from every angle, but the way she puts it across is quite light-hearted, and she's very good at doing that just making you feel relaxed and you're actually enjoying the learning. This has all come from Zoe’s training and being a member of The Conveyancing Club.”

“The support network is just brilliant for this kind of job because no matter how long you’ve done it, there’s always something you don't know or something new coming out.”


I found Zoe through Linkedin offering quite a few courses on conveyancing. I was changing job roles at the time and knew I needed to learn more. She's so knowledgeable and really approachable, and her style is straight to the point. There’s no going around the houses, she tells you what you need to know and why. I’ve had a particular issue with complex files and complex new legislation, and it really gets you stressed out. She puts on a training session for this query, and I watch them now before I begin these cases. Her no-fluff approach and style allowed me to just deal with the file straight from that. I just feel more supported. Zoe’s got the experience and the knowledge to help you along the way and I just feel more inspired and confident in doing my job.

Introducing Zoe

Practical Property's CEO, Lead Trainer and Property Solicitor

Course Founder

Zoe Upson

Zoe Upson is a conveyancing and property law trainer who has been training support staff, Paralegals, Legal Executives, Solicitors, Conveyancers, Trainee Solicitors, Estate Agents, Property Investors and property buyers and sellers since 2001. Zoe has been the head of a training team for one of the top conveyancers and is a former Law Firm owner, department head, and Property Solicitor. Using her extensive experience, she has been supporting conveyancers and property professionals throughout their careers developing skills, increasing their confidence and providing practical training that they can use through her unique method of training. Formally an Estate Agent and Mortgage Advisor before becoming a Property Solicitor, Zoe’s professional industry experience has led to a successful career and a unique understanding of property. With property close to her heart she owns and manages a property portfolio and advises on property acquisition. Having been brought up on a building site with her parents working for a new home builder, Zoe was often found on-site helping out from an early age. Often found in a field walking her dogs whilst getting inspiration for a course, renovating her latest property acquisition or standing and supporting her daughter's football team, Zoe is passionate about property.


  • Where is the membership hosted?

    All the training and supporting materials are available in the membership area of the Practical Property training academy. The Group is on Facebook and a link to access this private community will be sent to your email shortly after you sign up.

  • Will I have to attend the training live?

    The live webinars will be at fixed times. They will be recorded and will appear in the training academy within 24 hours of the webinar.

  • How long is the subscription for?

    It's an annual subscription from the date of purchase and is paid monthly. After the year you have the opportunity not to renew although we hope that you will see the incredible value of the Club and stay forever 😀

  • How long do I have access to the club?

    You will have access to all of the training, support and materials throughout your membership.

  • Will new content be added?

    New content will be added and you will have access the moment it's live in the training academy.

  • How will we know what events, training etc is coming up?

    Notifications will be sent out by email for all events, training and new materials being added.

  • What about past training, do I get access to that as well?

    Yes, you get access to the training platform and can watch all the past Club training as well.

  • How do I book the 1:1's and how will they be delivered?

    After you've signed up Zoe will contact you to chat about the best time for the 1:1's this will usually be during the day. Training is delivered by Zoom calls.

  • What training can be delivered during the 1:1's?

    If you are looking for support for your CILEX or CLC qualifications or want general conveyancing help and support, confidence-building Zoe will help you.